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Sunday Worship (currently via Zoom - see What's On page for login details)

11am and 6.30pm weekly

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7.30pm each Wednesday


Phone: +44 (0) 141 221 1937

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Location: 265 St Vincent Street


G2 7LQ

On-street parking in Glasgow City Centre is now charged at £4 per hour (£1 for 15 minutes) on Sundays between 8am-6pm, however we have an arrangement with the Waterloo Street and Sauchiehall Street Q-park car parks with 50% off. You can park there as normal and when you come to the morning service, you can uplift a voucher which will enable the charges to be reduced by 50% when you return to your car to pay.


To All the Saints & Friends of Glasgow City Free Church,

Our response to COVID-19 (17th March 2020)

Beginning this week, the building of Glasgow City Free Church will be closed for all groups and gatherings. The closure and cancellation of worship services are for the foreseeable future as your leaders continue to monitor the ever-changing situation of COVID-19. As of today there will be no worship services or prayer meetings held in the building until further notice.


Our government’s leaders and health care officials have issued a national call to limit gatherings and to practice “social distancing” by refraining from ‘pubs, clubs, and theatre’. Non-essential gatherings are discouraged with shopping and meeting only when necessary. Our congregation is not restricted nor denied a right to assemble for worship BUT we are being asked to help. Help by limiting large gatherings of people, particularly when those at risk may attend. Following the recommended common-sense guidelines for public health and safety is not surrendering to fear but using wisdom from discernment.

What does God desire us to do?

There is a deep and compelling reason why GCFC should not only close the doors to services, but joyfully. We are called by God to treat others as we would want to be treated, and to serve and love those around us. While most of us are not at risk, we have many in our community who are. Some who are already self-isolating from flu like symptoms. If this virus is not contained then those we know and love are in increased danger, as well as NHS becoming overwhelmed and hindered in helping those in need. GCFC is asked to cancel or postpone gatherings of large groups of people and with a responsibility of love to our neighbours we shall gladly comply.

What does this mean regarding Sunday worship?

Just because we are quitting the building does not mean we are quitting in worship! Our church is more than stone, pews, and steeple so while we are called to gather for worship we are not required to assemble in a specific place. During this time away from the building you will be invited to use the Zoom video platform. You will receive a weblink invitation that you shall click on and join the online worship service where others are gathered to worship together.  All the elements of worship will be included for your participation through a Zoom video link beginning with this Sunday 22nd March.  Technical support will be available to help you connect if you have trouble.  More information on all of this will follow as the week progresses.

If you are not already on the GCFC Mailing List, or you know of others who are not, please notify Laura (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and she will ensure that you don’t miss out on communications. 

Today our culture and community around us needs something that it does not have in a crisis, peace. We are surrounded by daily changes that lead to increasing anxiety with the result of a state of fear. Panic buying, social isolation (loneliness), and no future hope are in our neighbourhood. Yet as followers of Jesus Christ we shall not give in to fear – instead we are called to meet all things with faith.

We alone can offer the world these words:

“I say these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world”     -John 16:33

We are living in a time of a global pandemic. But we are not stopped from serving our LORD nor loving our neighbour. And today a primary way to do so is by practicing proper social distancing through limited gathering so as to help with containment.

While we are closing the physical doors of Glasgow City Free Church for a season we are keeping the spiritual doors of worship and faith wide open!

Grace & Peace,

Colin, Phil, Walter & Laura